How to Disassemble and Maintenance the Electric Bike Motor


According to its use of the environment and the use of different frequency, the form is also different. Different forms of motor characteristics are not the same. At present, electric bike motor commonly used permanent magnet DC motor. The so-called permanent magnet motor, refers to the motor coil using permanent magnet excitation, do not use the coil excitation mode. This eliminates the power consumption of the excitation coil work, improve the electromechanical conversion efficiency of the motor, which is limited to the use of electric vehicles in the car, it can reduce the running current, extend the continued mileage.

Permanent magnet DC motor from the stator pole, rotor, brush, shell and other components. Stator pole with permanent magnet (permanent magnet), a ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt, NdFeB and other materials. According to its structure can be divided into cylindrical and tile type and several. The rotor is generally made of silicon steel sheet laminated, enameled wire around the rotor between the two slots, the joints were welded to the commutator metal sheet. Brush is connected to the power supply and the rotor winding conductive parts, with conductive and wear two kinds of performance. Permanent magnet motor brush using a single metal or metal graphite brush, electrochemical graphite brush.

How about the motor disassembly and maintenance? Before removing the motor, first unplug the lead of the motor and the controller, and it is important to record the correspondence between the motor lead color and the controller lead color. Open the motor cover should be cleaned before the site to prevent the debris was sucked in the motor on the magnet. Do the mark of the relative position of the end cap and the hub. It should be noted that the need to diagonally loosen the screws to avoid deformation of the motor housing.

If the noise of the motor starts to become larger, or if the gears in the motor are replaced, all the gears of the gears should be greased, usually using grease # 3 or factory specified lubricants. Before assembling the brush motor, check the elasticity of the spring inside the brush and check whether the carbon brush and the brush grip are rubbed. Check whether the carbon brush can reach the maximum stroke in the brush grip. Note that the correct positioning of the carbon brush and the inverter , So as not to card bad carbon brush or brush grip.

In this now green society, electric bike motor will become more and more popular, it will be further developed.