What is the difference between the wheel motor and the wheel motor?


The biggest difference between the wheel motor and the hub motor is that the motor rotor of the hub motor itself is the hub, while the wheel side motor, the wheel hub and the motor are separated.
Hub motor:
The hub motor means that the motor rotor itself is the hub and the tire is mounted above the rotor. Hub motor technology, also known as the wheel internal motor technology, it will power, transmission and braking devices are integrated into the hub. To put it plainly, the main thing is to put the engine in the wheel, but the engine is electrically driven and independent.
Wheel side motor:
The wheel side motor means that the hub and the motor are separated, but the motor is installed beside the wheel and directly drives the wheels by or without slowing down.
The wheel side motor drive usually has two ways: hub motor and narrow wheel side motor. The so-called narrow wheel side motor means that each drive wheel is driven by a separate motor, but the motor is not integrated inside the wheel, but is connected to the wheel by means of transmission (e.g., transmission shaft). The driving motor of the wheel side motor belongs to the mass range of spring load, and the suspension system has good vibration isolation performance. However, the electric car motor installed on the body has a great impact on the overall layout of the vehicle, especially in the case of rear axle drive. Moreover, because of the large deformation movement between the body and the wheel, the universal transmission of the drive shaft is also limited.