Aim of Design for Electric Scooter Controller


With the skateboarding in Europe and the United States and even the prevalence of the world, a more innovative, more exciting power scooters quickly get people's favorite. In addition to Europe and the United States, electric scooters in China has a very good market prospects, scooters have become a huge emerging industry in China.

Keep in mind that all electric scooters are designed around the same intestinal system. As long as the controller, motor and battery settings can work together, you can upgrade. If one of these important items is not matched, then you will waste your money. The electric scooter controller is the core part of the scooter, and its task is to efficiently convert the energy of the battery into the kinetic energy of the motor under the control of the driver. The advantages and disadvantages of the controller directly affect the smoothness of the vehicle adjustment, the rapid response and so on.

The electric scooter controller is a circuit board that is designed to regulate these functions and the amount of voltage drawn from the battery of the battery, the operation of the light system. If the brain is not compatible, the motor may fry, the battery drain too fast, the motor may not have enough power, the worst case is likely to catch fire.

Controller using AT89C51 as the core control of the original, by the voltage sampling, current sampling, motor drive circuit, temperature measurement circuit and A / D conversion circuit and other components. When the controller is in an abnormal state or the electric vehicle is in a long-term overload operation, the temperature of the controller will rise and the temperature will be too high to damage the controller. In order to prevent the controller temperature is too high, when the controller temperature reaches a certain value, reduce the output PWM ratio, reduce the controller output current to prevent the temperature continues to rise.

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