Classification of control motors


It is also divided into step motor and servo motor and so on.
1. classification by the structure of the rotor
According to the different structure of the rotor, the motor can be divided into cage induction motor (old standard called squirrel cage asynchronous motor) and wound rotor induction motor (old standard is called winding asynchronous motor).
2. classification according to the speed of operation
According to the different speed of the motor, it can be divided into high speed motor, low speed motor, constant speed motor and speed regulating motor.
The low speed motor is also divided into gear reduction motor, electromagnetic deceleration motor, torque motor and claw pole synchronous motor.
Speed motor can be divided into a constant speed motor, a stepless constant speed motor, a variable speed motor and a continuously variable speed motor. It can also be divided into an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, a DC speed regulating motor, a PWM variable frequency speed regulating motor and a switched reluctance motor.
The rotor speed of an asynchronous motor is always slightly lower than the synchronous rotating speed of the rotating magnetic field. The rotor speed of a synchronous motor has nothing to do with the size of the load, but always keeps the synchronous speed.