Electric Car Motors Become More and More Popular


Electric car - neo-powers.com is the vehicle power as the driving force, driven by motor-driven wheels, in line with road traffic, safety regulations of the vehicle requirements. As the impact on the environment relative to the traditional car smaller, its prospects are widely optimistic, but the current technology is not yet mature.

A pure electric vehicle is powered by a motor. The role of the motor is the power of the power into mechanical energy, through the drive or direct drive wheels and work devices.

People like this type of motor because it will save them a lot of money for the gas to pay. People living in small cities and towns do not need to travel long distances every day, and they know that using electric cars will save a lot when it's operating costs. In addition, electric car motors are very cheap compared to gas engines, and you can get them from anywhere.

The motor has two styles. In the absence of too much technology, there are AC (AC) motors and DC (DC) motors. Both types can be used as electric vehicle motors. Rare electric vehicles produced by large carmakers will be equipped with AC motors. Because it can produce more power, and they are lighter than the DC motor, which is their advantage.

On the other hand, the installation of AC motors is more complex and much more expensive than DC motors. This is why most of us prefer DC motors for all of our conversion projects.

DC motors are described by their diameters. It may not be said, but the larger diameter of the motor can produce greater horsepower. DC motors are much cheaper than AC motors, are easy to install and have very good rates. This motor depends on the same theory of the drill motor, so it can give you the maximum speed from the initial operating moment. But its power is small, low efficiency, maintenance workload.