How is the wheel maintenance?


   Speaking of wheels in front of people like the "feet", feet do not have to go to the problem. Daily car does not pay attention to the external environment changes, will cause the hub of the corrosion, damage or even deformation, and even brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect, so the hub of the maintenance is also very important.
How clean?
Wheels are exposed to different environments every day, and very close to the brake disc, dirty things are common things, the main dirt is the dirt off the road and brake disc left after the brake. When cleaning you can not take a brush on the hands of clean, it is recommended to buy a dedicated wheel cleaning kit to clean. Also in the wheel when the temperature is too high can not use cold water to clean, otherwise it will damage the aluminum alloy hub, and even brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect.
How to fix?
Daily driving small scraping small touch is inevitable, the hub of this component is the same, often damaged, one to affect the appearance, a long time will also affect the traffic. If you add a hub cover wheel is much easier, the lid and then a change.
While the aluminum alloy wheels on a little trouble, the occurrence of a slight cut rub the best repair immediately, if the cut rub more serious, need to immediately repair can not be delayed, and thus can not repair. Depending on the size of the hub damage, the repair method will be different, after repair the wheel generally need to carry out dynamic balance processing. Finally repair the wheel if you are not familiar with or find a professional store to solve.