Multi-piece alloy wheels


The multi-piece alloy wheels are available in two-piece and three-piece versions. Several parts of the hub are made by forging and spinning processes, respectively, and are then bolted together with titanium bolts. These products are light weight, high strength and superior in performance but expensive, For all kinds of championship racing and luxury cars. At all levels of the world, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, under whatever conditions require the vehicle to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds, the hub needs to be on the track Able to withstand the overload due to extreme lateral accelerations, extreme operating speeds and harsh conditions, as well as the effects of temperature rise due to the intense wear of tires, in which case the multi-piece aluminum hub Has withstood the test of a variety of harsh environments. Despite the light product quality, due to the use of advanced manufacturing technology, product structure, high strength, multi-piece combination of shape gives a thick solid feeling.