Operation Principle of Electric Car Motor


If you are hesitant to buy an electric car, you may have been in trouble and noticed. It is estimated that electric vehicles can meet our daily driving needs of 95%, some car charging time allows them to need to re-charge before driving 60-200 miles.

Modern electric cars are changing with the times and taken in many forms. There are electric cars (BEV) that operate only on motors and rechargeable batteries. Then the hybrid electric car is known as the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). These functions are internal batteries that are charged through an electrical outlet, but they have a gas engine that can continue when the battery is depleted. Finally, an extended electric vehicle (EREV) similar to PHEV does not use a gasoline engine to provide mechanical energy for the driveline.

Electric cars and ordinary fuel-efficient cars is the biggest difference between their engine. Electric motor refers to all the mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy, electrical energy into all the mechanical energy of the machine. As the electric vehicle using power battery as a vehicle energy, its capacity is limited, as far as possible to extend the driving range, most of the drive system uses energy feedback technology, that is, in the car brake, the controller will be the wheel loss kinetic energy Feedback to the battery, and make the motor in a power generation state, the electrical discharge will be sent to the battery.

Electric car motor research and development difficulties are as follows: the first battery is the current electric vehicle technology and cost the biggest bottleneck. Followed by the scarcity of mineral resources, lithium, nickel and other resources are relatively scarce.

In the course of the use of electric vehicles if the continued mileage in a short period of time suddenly dropped by more than ten kilometers, it is likely that the battery pack at least one battery problems. At this point, should be promptly to the sales center or dealer maintenance department to check, repair or with groups. This will maximize the life of the battery pack, the greatest degree of savings in your expenses.