Overview of wheel motors


Common electric bicycle motor called the wheel motor, there can be installed spokes and the rim, there is no installation of the spokes and the motor will be made of one, the industry also known as the integration of the wheel motor, the former impact of good, the motor favorable. General motor speed of 3000 r / min or more called high-speed motor, 1000 r / min for the following low-speed motor. Brushless gearless motor can do the following 600 rpm. The state requires electric bicycles less than 20 km / h, converted to 24 (inches) bicycles about 200 r / min or so. You can use the pinion gear with a large gear deceleration, large gear (driven gear) and pinion (drive gear) the number of teeth called the reduction ratio, reduction ratio, torque is also large, climbing strong.    The gears can be mounted inside the motor or outside the motor. Brush with teeth, brushless gear motor mounted inside.
The front of the three rounds of cargo is the two-stage deceleration, the first level in the string motor, the front part of the protrusion is a planetary gear reduction mechanism, which is a planetary gear nylon, the second level in the motor, the motor output is a small Gears, through the chain drive to the rear axle of the tricycle, the rear axle is equipped with a large gear turbine worm gear ratio is large, but the energy transfer efficiency low straight gear deceleration is cheap, but the noise is large; helical gear or "human" high. Nylon gears are shorter than metal gears, but are low in noise and cheap. Theory and practice proved: 1, the above-mentioned through the chain drive and slow down the noise, high efficiency, good machine to buy, easy to replace .2, the motor installed in the rear of the shaft, forward is not easy to fall chain.
Usually said brushless teeth, brushless teeth and brush with teeth, brushless teeth with a gear wheel internal gear without gears. The same power of the motor, the teeth than the teeth in the start and climb when the strong, suitable for slope of the road conditions, and high-speed motor motor efficiency. However, this type of motor life is low, and accessories difficult to buy, high maintenance costs.http://www.neo-powers.com/