Precautions for wheel hub replacement


In the idea of an automobile factory, the lower the cost, the better. Wheel hub has become the focus of cost reduction. As long as the size is right, the rigidity reaches the standard, the original wheel hub structure is unitary, and the model of the ordinary model is produced. Although the quality will not be a problem, but completely regardless of the individual needs of consumers. Some low-end car wheels are even ugly to the point of being unable to look straight at". As a result, wheels become outside the body stickers, car owners display the best part of personality. Change the hub involves many professional parameters, so it is best to do enough homework before changing, so as not to bring hidden dangers to safety.
1, central aperture (CB)
Hub center hole size. Although it can be installed via a positioner, this is not recommended because of security concerns.
2, pitch diameter (PCD)
For example, a pitch wheel with a diameter of 4*100mm represents that it has 4 locating bolts, and they form a circular diameter of 100mm. The value should also be consistent with the original factory.
3, offset (OFFSET)
Referred to as "ET" value, the value is positive, indicating that the fixed surface of the hub outside the center surface, and vice versa in the central area. The car's offset is generally positive, this value on the stability of vehicle tracking and the influence of cornering is significant, the original factory will determine, non special needs can not change.
4, diameter and width
The diameter determines the size of the rim. As the car's speedometer reading is based on the wheel speed measurement, the wheel is too large to cause the speedometer reading is too small, unknowingly, you speeding up. Too large wheel diameter will be wiped to the wheel arch and fender. Therefore, the wheel upgrade to 1 inch than the original as well, up to no more than 2 inches, but also with the thin tires to ensure that the size of the entire wheel and upgrade almost before. The width affects the type of tires selected after the upgrade, too wide tires will reduce the starting speed and more fuel consumption. Common value of the corresponding: 185mm wide tires corresponding to 5-inch wide wheels; 195mm corresponding to 6-inch; 205mm corresponding to 6.5 inches; 215 corresponding to 7-inch.