The advantages of the hub motor


New energy vehicles have now become a promising field of the automotive industry, and the new energy vehicle drive technology and traditional internal combustion engine car is no small difference, and one of the driving technology has a great development prospects, which is the wheel motor technology. Wheel motor technology, also known as wheel built-in motor technology, its biggest feature is the power, transmission and braking devices are integrated into the hub, so the mechanical parts of electric vehicles greatly simplified.
The wheel motor drive system is divided into two types according to the rotor type of the motor: inner rotor type and outer rotor type. The outer rotor type adopts the low speed outer rotor motor, the maximum speed of the motor is 1000-1500r / min, no speed reduction device, the wheel speed is the same as the motor; and the inner rotor type adopts the high speed inner rotor motor, equipped with the fixed gear ratio reducer , In order to obtain a higher power density, the motor speed can be as high as 10,000r / min. With the emergence of a more compact planetary gear reducer, the inner rotor type wheel motor is more competitive in power density than the low speed outer rotor type.
Wheel motor advantages:
1. Application of the hub motor can greatly simplify the structure of the vehicle, the traditional clutch, gearbox, drive shaft will no longer exist. It also means saving more space.
2. Wheel motor can be combined with the traditional power to form a hybrid car, the motor can be installed in the traditional wheel, and then install a power supply system can be achieved.
3. Since each tire is individually driven, it is very easy to implement the four-wheel drive form. Application of wheel motor technology can even achieve both sides of the wheel reversal to achieve the purpose of turning in situ.