The Capacity Of The Electric Bike Motor Determines The Speed


Electric bike in a more green ride appeared in the world. Slowly you will find that people around the world are realizing the benefits of these bicycles, and how to save costs and save the environment. Of course, fuel costs and fuel consumption are another trigger factor. Taking into account the awareness of several electric bicycle manufacturers a few years ago, there are a lot of electric bicycle manufacturers today.

As usual, the choice will lead to confusion. Electric bikes are a new part of the transport, people still do not quite understand. And because of lack of knowledge, they eventually bought the wrong. This is what you should see when you buy an electric bike and make a wise decision. First of all, you need to pay attention to the electric bike motor.

The capacity of the motor determines the speed of the electric bicycle. Of course, there are other parameters that affect the speed, such as the weight of the rider and the wheel base diameter. Most electric bicycle manufacturers have RPM and watts specify the capacity of the motor. More power means more power means more speed.

The drive motor for electric bicycles is different from conventional industrial motors. Driving motors for electric bicycles usually require frequent start / stop, acceleration / deceleration, low speed or climbing when demanding high torque, high torque requirements at high speeds, and require large speed range. While industrial motors are usually optimized at rated operating points. Therefore, the electric bike motor is unique, should be classified as a class.

When installing the motor, first clean the surface of the motor parts of the impurities, so as not to affect the normal operation of the motor, and must be fixed to the hub body, so as not to be installed due to the strong attraction of the magnet, causing parts to hit each other, damage. Detection 36V normal, the controller output 5V, 12V normal, the motor resistance is normal. The motor directly connected to the 36V battery, the motor is running normally.