The Electric Bike Kit Allows You to Enter the Experience of Electric Bikes


Electric bicycle, refers to the battery as a supplementary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, the installation of the motor, controller, battery, handle and other control parts and display instrumentation system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport. Compared to bicycles, it can make you effortlessly. It does not need you to test driver's license, do not need you to find parking spaces, but will not encounter traffic jams.

High quality neo-powers electric bike kit can be modified almost any bike, in an hour will be an ordinary bike into an electric bike! The motor is mounted on the rear wheels (neo-powers do not make front wheel drive). The wheel size can be 20,24,26 inches. These kits are best suited for hybrid bicycles, but these bicycles are almost invisible.

The motor in the electric bike kit is sturdy and can be driven directly, no gear, quite weight, but will remain absolutely quiet. In a world full of general electric bike kits, the battery of an electric bicycle kit is usually installed in the triangle of the frame, allowing the bicycle to be balanced or stable. The whole system is integrated, and it works very well (almost always). However, you can not replace parts with non-proprietary parts. So if you want to replace parts, you always need to pay a very high price.

On the other hand, even if the electric bike kit is expensive, if you retrofit the kit to an existing bike, it will be roughly the same or cheaper than buying a brand new electric bike. If you decide that you no longer need electric aids, you can remove the kit. Though it was fair to say that I had never heard of someone doing that. Once you have removed, you will never turn back (except to enjoy the fun of riding a bike).

Whether you do not want to ride a bike, then you can buy an electric bike kit, simple and quick to make your bike face change.