The Hub Motor Propelled the Eelectric Bike


The hub motor is a motor that does not use a transmission to turn the wheel. This is because the hub motor is directly built into the wheel hub, which is the point where the wheel rotates. This bypasses the need for transmission, so the hub motor is more efficient, especially at high speeds. It is very common to find a hub motor on an electric bike.

Hub motor technology, also known as wheel built-in motor technology, its biggest feature is the power, transmission and braking devices are integrated into the hub, so the mechanical parts of electric vehicles greatly simplified. Wheel motor technology is not a new thing, as early as 1900, it has created a front wheel equipped with electric motor wheel motor vehicles, in the 20th century, 70 years, this technology in the field of mine trucks and other fields have been applied. As for the passenger car used in the wheel motor, Japanese manufacturers for the technology research and development carried out earlier, is currently in a leading position, including GM, Toyota, including the international auto giants are also involved in the technology.

Electric bicycles are more common in Asia than in the rest of the world, but due to technological advances, other bicycles are gaining popularity in other regions. Some electric bikes are manufactured, but sometimes it is possible to install the hub motor on a bike that is an additional device for the aftermarket. There are many conversion kits available, including a modified Chinese hub motor to suit the size of a bike kit.

When the pedal bike is switched to electric, the hub motor is usually mounted on the front wheel. The motorcycle has a high level of torque on this part of the bike, and it is important for the person who makes the conversion to make sure that the bicycle's frame can withstand these increased forces.