The type of wheel


Wheel hub, also known as wheel. According to the characteristics and needs of different models, wheel surface treatment process will take a different approach can be broadly divided into two kinds of paint and electroplating. Ordinary wheels in the appearance of the less considered, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, the process is basically used paint processing, that is, the first spray and then roasted, the cost more economical and beautiful colors, to maintain a long time, even if the vehicle scrapped , The color of the wheel is still the same. Many Volkswagen models wheel surface treatment process is the paint, such as Santana 2000,  pride of the times, southeast Lingshuai or Honda Odyssey. Some fashion avant-garde, dynamic color wheel is also used paint technology. This type of wheel is affordable, complete specifications. Electroplating wheel hub is divided into silver, water plating and pure plating and other types. Electro-plated silver and water plated wheels, although bright and vivid color, but to maintain a shorter time, so the price is relatively cheap, for many young people like the pursuit of freshness, the market price of 300-500 yuan. Pure plated wheels, such as Shanghai GM's production of the original Buick GL8 is supporting the pure plating wheel, the color to maintain a long time, can be described as high quality and high price. In the high-end cars such as wide this, Audi more pure plated wheels, the price of about 800-900 yuan.