There are 22 reasons for the heat of the motor


    1, room temperature is too high
2, poor heat dissipation
3, overload
4, over-voltage undervoltage or voltage imbalance
5, frequent start or stop or frequent positive and negative
6, missing phase
7, the fan is bad or out of the outlet block
8, bearing lack of oil
9, mechanical stuck locked
10, the load inertia is too large to start too long
11, short circuit between turns
12, the new motor internal wiring is wrong
13, star triangle wiring is wrong
14, the star delta or since the dual pressure to start the load restart time is long or due to failure is not normal conversion
15, motor damp
16, squirrel cage induction motor rotor broken bar
17, winding asynchronous motor rotor winding disconnection or resistance imbalance
18, rotor sweep chamber
19, power harmonic is too large, for example, near the large-scale rectifier equipment, high-frequency equipment
20, many times the maintenance of the motor core flux reduction
21, some motor winding process is poor
22. Motor temperature is generally not likely to be a bearing problem unless the bearing temperature is too high.