What are the wheels?


Currently on the market using the most is the Aluminum Alloy hub, and from technology and technology hub, the development is very rapid, Aluminum Alloy hub technology now can be divided into: (casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, forging).
The casting wheel shape can be changeable, and the manufacturing cost is low. After impact, the strength is not very high, so it is easy to bend and difficult to break.
Forging wheel hub is better than casting wheel hub, because the hub rigidity is higher and lighter, which is more helpful for acceleration, deceleration, cornering, fuel consumption and suspension load
Hub motor technology
When it comes to the real black technology, wheel motor is a motor hub, in 1900 was born, also known as motor technology installed within the wheel, it will power and transmission system and the brake device are integrated into the wheel hub, can be said to be "a modern version of hot wheels, but the technology is still in development, the future of the new it is energy vehicles will be playing on the field.
Its biggest advantage is to save space in the car, because many components have been integrated into the hub, which greatly simplifies the structure of the vehicle; the second is to match the traditional EMU models to form hybrid vehicles.
Of course, there are good, there is bad, which is also the current wheel motor technology development problems. The first is the hub of the larger size requirements, need to reach more than 18 inch; secondly integrated many components on the hub, the durability is not good, and the vibration of the high speed, noise, braking and suspension optimization, there are still many problems.